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Welcome to the online portfolio site of Daniel Cohn. I am a driven and dedicated film maker, director and CG artist, with a strong passion for stories that move us with their courage, insight and integrity, as well as their artistic beauty, innovation and splendor.


Currently Sydney based, my life's journey has taken me quite far across the globe, where I have lived in countries such as South Africa, Israel and Japan. I would like to think that such a broad experience would lend me a unique view on the world, which I try to bring into any production I attach myself to. With a strong basis in art and drawing, I hold a Masters degree in Animation from the University of Technology Sydney, and have further pursued my development with studies at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School (AFTRS), the National Institution of Dramatic Arts (NIDA), and The Australian Stunt Academy.

With an established career in VFX and animation, I have a solid grounding in all areas of

CG production. I specialize in CG Previzualization, layout and post viz. I am also a highly skilled Character TD and Massive crowd TD.


Directing/Design: I have directed and produced several short films, live action and CG, launched several mobile games and I have also directed theatre as part of Short & Sweet Sydney.

I am always on the lookout for new projects and opportunities, from big budget VFX to low

budget indie shorts, please take a look through my reels and films, to get in touch I am at or on +61-420-974-276. Cheers and have a great day.

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