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In addition to my work in film and animation, I thoroughly enjoy directing theatre at Short & Sweet Sydney.


There is always something magical about dropping all the tech and gear and sitting down with actors to craft the work. I love the freedom, the playfulness, and the rush I get when the work is finally presented for the first time in front of an audience.


Please enjoy my plays to date.

Game Night

Top 80 Play at Short & Sweet Sydney 2016.


A hilarious comedy about a family dealing with a very tragic incident... Winner of top 80 week 6 of Short & Sweet 2016 and Gala Finalist!


Writer: Kim McCreanor
Director: Daniel Cohn


Cast:Mark Fowler (Dad)
Liz Hovey (Mum)
Jessica Murphy (Alice)
Marigold Pazar (Rochelle)
Russell Kay (Adrian)


Performed at the Depot Theatre

Spidey Glass

Top 80 Play at Short & Sweet Sydney 2015.


A hilarious comedy about, well...


Writer: Alex Langenfeld
Director: Daniel Cohn


Josh: Christian Heath
Carrie: Kate Williams


Performed at the New Theatre

Memories of a Forgotten Thursday

Top 100 Play at Short & Sweet Sydney 2011.


When Ralph realizes that he has no memory of Thursday, he embarks on a journey with his Doc through the constructs of his fractured...


Writer: Humphrey Cheung
Director: Daniel Cohn


Ralph: Pablo Woodward

Doc: Martin Estridge

Allison: Melissa-Jayne Porter

BG characters: Grace O'Connell and Candace Wise


Performed at the National Instituition of Dramatic Arts

Playing With Knives

Wildcard Play at Short & Sweet Sydney 2011.


When miserly, cantankerous senior citizen Harvey and his wife Muriel step into a dark New York alley, they give the unsuspecting mugger, Tony, more than he’s bargained for.


Writer: Natasha Carter

Director: Daniel Cohn


Harvey Crenshaw: Carlos Sivalingam 

Muriel Crenshaw: Wendy Knight

Tony: Damian Sommerlad

Marco: Geordie Robinson 


Performed at the Newtown Theatre


Wildcard play Play at Short & Sweet Sydney 2010.


The darkness fades and a young woman awakens to the cold reality of a bleak cell, shared only by grey walls and strange, barely audible sounds from outside, wherever that may be. As the gravity of her predicament dawns upon, the door to her cell turns and opens. There will be many questions to answer...


Writer: Tim Lethorn

Director: Daniel Cohn

Sound Designer: Daniel Cohn



#6,707,304,491: Sophie Hatlen

Female Genie: Lana Kershaw

Male Genie: Grant Martin

The Man: David Woodland


Performed at the National Instituition of Dramatic Arts

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